Westbank Bible Church


We are changing names
When we return for new lessons we will be:

Westbank Bible Study


Pastor L.G. Merritt




We have transitioned from a physical church
building to exclusively on-line content

We have some exciting plans for the future which include getting Pastor Merritt back behind the microphone and transitioning to video services.  It is our hope to have all this in place by Easter.


To the in-person congregation transitioning along with us,  Pastor Merritt passes along his thanks for your faithful stewardship, support and friendship.


To our virtual congregation, thank you.


Please continue to pray for Pastor Merritt.  We need his health to continue to improve so we can get him back,


If you start on Lesson #1 of the Old Testament Overview on Jan 1st.  and listen

to 3 lessons a week, we hope to be up and running again before you catch up.



All current lessons are via podcast


You can also listen to our services  via
Apple Podcast, iheart radio, google podcast or Spotify




Wonderful study guide

353 Prophecies

Fulfilled in Christ  Over 275
He the Christ   WestBank Podcast
linked to and produced
Pastor Merritt: Plan of
Salvation Invitation (Video)
"Prayer Success




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This is a privately owned and managed site and is not affiliated with any Church.
Our sole purpose and mission is to bring Bible Doctrine to anyone hungry to learn
This is Pastor Merritt's continued legacy after retiring from Westbank Bible Church